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"Making a multiplayer game which is a huge task. The core game mechanics are complicated but they are in good shape so far. I want to add as much content and stability to the game as possible. I will be constantly improving Rise of Piracy based on player feedback and reports. I plan to release early versions incrementally for approximately one year. I began development in 2018. Since then the project has gone through many iterations. As most systems have been completed, I am confident that with your help, feedback and critique - a 2021 release is very achievable. ”

Single Player Campaign

Begin your journey as the lowly captain of a small vessel. End as the commander of a threatening fleet! Rise of Piracy focuses heavily on progression. In your campaign, you will first be given a small ship of your choosing. You will complete missions and build strength. Fight, sink or board other ships for loot. Steadily building up your fleet to take on the most challenging tasks such as capturing islands, or defeating large colonial fleets in grand scale naval warfare.The campaign mode is in development now.

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Gather Your Forces

Taverns provide a great place to hire crewmen for your fleet. Fill your ships with crew of your own choosing, specializing their usefulness in battle. Choose from five types of specialized infantry. Make quick work of enemy crews and formations with the violent cutlass wielding melee units backed up with fast and cunning officers and their pistols. Destroy every building using deployable land cannons, grenadiers or bombard with your fleet from afar.

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Trade and Diplomacy

Over 200 commodities with varying rarities. Ports with specialized trading routes and dedicated merchants to trade with. Add trading ships to your fleet to maximize your transportation potential. Build relations with other factions to increase your trading effectiveness. A deep diplomacy system allows relationships to grow between all factions. Engage in diplomacy with every faction you meet. AI factions will go to war with one another, or remain friendly depending on events are happening around the map. Fleets of pirate hunters may be dispatched to claim the bounty on your head.

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Build Your Fleet

Fill your fleet with over 30 playable ships from 1600 - 1900, from the light and fast Carousel to the colossal 120 Gun ship of the Line. Hire or press captured crew into your fleet roster. Use them to board hostile ships, or invade and capture islands. Customize your fleet formation or strategy to suit various scenarios, from capturing a heavily defended island to massive multiple faction engagements on the open sea. Gain experience with each fight, unlocking more customization, upgrades and ships to hire. Control any ship in your fleet as its flagship allowing access to enhancing abilities to turn the tide.

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RTS Battle

Fully destructible environments and buildings allow you to level an island from afar with your fleet. This will cause a larger penalty with other factions in terms of relations, but will instill fear into your enemies and their populace, meaning they are more likely to surrender next time. As word travels, even lonely ships on the open waters would rather give up than face you head on.


The multiplayer implementation is solid so far, with most systems already implemented. More are planned for the near future as we progress through the final iterations of the Campaign Map. PvP and Coop modes require a very different set of dependencies and because of this, I will be releasing initially with only PvP and very limited cooperative modes.

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